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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m a web developer and part of how I’m using Airtable is to keep track of to-dos on a variety of client projects I’m working on concurrently.

For each client project, I have a checklist of maybe 30 tasks that I use as a starting point. For example, things I need to do for every project, like get the signed contract back from the client, set up website hosting, create the logo, etc. Currently, I have these tasks grouped in multiple stacks within the Kanban view, with each stack representing an individual project, and then I also have them organized by due date in a table view.

Because I use this same checklist for each project, I have a set of these 30 tasks for project A, project B, project C, and so on. And, then I also have just a set of these tasks labeled as “Template” and whenever I have a new project, I just go through and manually duplicate each of the 30 tasks from the Template group, and then re-assign the duplicates from the “Template” group to that new project, e.g. project D.

It’s kind of putzy to go through and manually duplicate and re-assign all these tasks for every new project. Is there a simple way to just select and duplicate this whole template group all as once? Maybe I could select and duplicate multiple entries in a table view, or, just duplicate an entire stack within the kanban view?


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You mean like this?