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4 - Data Explorer


Question about linking records between tables. I want to
create a dynamic conditions linking in Airtable. Is this possible? I only see the option for static conditions. Here is a example to explain what I want

Table 1
Firstname - gender - hair color
Joost - men - yellow
Ria - female - brown
Robert - men - brown

Table 2
Groupname - criteria - names(table1field1 where condition of table2field2 = table1field2)
Mengroup - men - Joost, Robert
Femalegroup - female - Ria

Thanks in advance, Robert

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

You can do this in one single table. Use grouping on the column Gender.

When you do want to use two tables. You need to create a link between tabel 1 and table 2 on Gender.