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Feature request: table notification badges

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m sure this has probably been posted in the community forum before, but just in case:

It would be so beneficial to have notification badges on the table tabs (and/or on view tabs) when a new record is created.

Airtable is by far my favorite software in my stack and, while I utilize it for many different purposes, I primarily use it as my CRM. Many of my tables are linked with Integromat to update automatically when I receive new orders, messages, payments, etc. Being able to see quick notification badges for table updates may only save a few seconds over manually checking each individual table - but, as a solopreneur with no tech experience to build my own custom solutions, those saved seconds would save hours in the grand scheme of “things”.

If anyone has any alternate, creative solutions for this, I am always open to & appreciate advice and suggestions. :blush:

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Taylor- You have several options here, all of which would require you to define some criteria to determine what “new” means. For example, do you want to be notified of everything that came in within the last day? Or do you want to know of anything that came in at all that hasn’t been reviewed previously, etc. Some options for notification include:

  1. Use an app (record list) in the side panel to show all new records across all tables at once right alongside your data.

  2. Use an interface to show the new records, though this would be on a different screen, it could easily show all the “new” records on a single page, also preventing the need to flip through your tables.

  3. You could get a email/text sent upon the arrival of new records. You could summarize the notification & send it on a daily basis, for example.

  4. You could color and/or tag records or add icons to their names (i.e. use the New emoji) for records that meet the criteria of “new”, making it that much easier to see them. This option would still require you to check different tables though which doesn’t sound like what you’re after.

Hopefully this gives you some additional ideas!

You can also look into the Chime app and Summary app.