Filtering on a lookup to single-select

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am using a lookup field to pull in values from a single-select field on the linked record and I’m having trouble filtering on the lookup field since it’s displaying the data as plain text.

I’m trying to filter to records that contain either of 2 potential values from the original single-select field. If the lookup field were single select, I’d be using a “IS ANY OF” filter, but since it doesn’t come into the view that way the only options I have are “IS” or “CONTAINS”. I can’t use an “or” in my filter set because I need to be able to use other filters also. Any suggestions for workarounds on this? Is there a way to convert the lookup to a field I can actually filter on?

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As you have discovered, filtering on a lookup of a single/multiple select does not work the same as with the original field.

One workaround is to create a new formula field based on the lookup, and then perform the filter on the formula field.

Formulas based on lookup fields can get a little tricky, and often require manually converting the lookup field value to a string: {lookup field} & "". You will also need a combination of IF, and FIND functions. They are documented in the formula field reference.

This seems to have changed. Do you know of where their is any documentation of this change? I realized that new fields you create as lookup of single select or multiple select have color and can filter as normal. Does these mean in scripts and apps that they don’t come in as strings anymore?