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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I started to use AT last week to build a book database (hard cover cartoons), it is a simple database with one table and fields related to one book : ISBN (codebar number), title (single line), picture (attachment), Serie (single select) and volume (number).

So I can have different books that belong to the same Serie with of course each with a different volume number.

I am trying to have a field that give me all the volume numbers related to a Serie to find out if I am missing one in the Serie.

Any idea on how I should proceed ?


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Turn your serie into a linked record field instead of a single select. Then in the new table for the series, add a field for the total number of books in the series. Finally, have rollup and formula fields compare the number of linked books to the number field. You will not see the exact series number that you are missing, but you will know if something is missing.

Thanks kuovonne for helping me on that, I guess I am still on the learning curve and following your instruction did not lead to success.
I keep on teaching myself with AT readings and videos and will go back to this after learning more about AT.
I am greatfull for the time you spent for this answer