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4 - Data Explorer

When I have multiple records linked to one row of data in a table, is it possible to flatten or split the records?

E.g. If I have Table 1: Record A and I create Table 2: Record B and Record C. If I then create a linked field in Table 1 to Table 2 and link Record B and Record C.

I can see Table 1: Record A, with B and C in the linked field, on the one row.

Is there any way to see 2 rows? E.g Row 1: Table 1: Record A linked to Record B and then Row 2: Table 1: Record A linked to Record C?

This is a major requirement for our usage. I’m not a developer, so any code-less solutions would be great! Thanks.

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Hi @Daniel_Marshall, and welcome to the community!

Ergo, given any specific record selected in Table 1, show me all the rows in the linked Table 2 that it references, right?

I don’t believe there is a way to visualize this in the UI. This is a typical one-to-many relationship and we are at the mercy of the UI I’m afraid.

Ideally, you want to see the collection of related [child]rows in context to the parent row. Indeed, you should not only be able to see these related rows, you should be able to edit parent and children in a unified view.

This is technically possible with a script block and a button field that would call the script which would locate the records and display all or selected fields in a block on the right like this. What I’m showing below is a search engine that I created that given a specific keyword in the parent table, show all records where that word appears in related tables. This is functionally equivalent - parent rows on the left, and related rows in the block area.