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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear all,

when I create a record from a form, I need that a field of #Number type is populated with a default value of 1.

Unfortunately this does not happen and the cell remains empty; only if I create the record directly from the Grid the default is inserted.

Have you any by-pass for the problem or I'm doing an wrong operation?

The only by-pass, at the moment, is to insert the field in the form and writing the default manually.

Thank you.


Best regards.


A. Borriero


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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Unfortunately, most of the field defaults in Airtable only work on the grid view.

You have 3 options to workaround this:

1. If 100% of your form users are on your team and have Airtable accounts, you can create a form in Airtable’s interfaces for them. Airtable’s interface forms support default field values. 

2. For Airtable’s normal form view, you can prefill the form with default field values by changing the URL.

3. You can turn to an external form app that lets you specify default field values, such as JotForm or Fillout. If you use JotForm, you would use Make’s JotForm integrations to send the form submissions to Airtable.

Dear Scott,

thank you very much for your help and solutions. Indeed I use the form of Airtable but the default value is not loaded even inserting it in the field of the form.

I've tried the URL but I was not able to reach the goal because it appears that the code is saved as such in the filed and not as the default value I need; maybe I miss something.

I think that, as tempoerary solution, the user will insert the value manually, even though it should be always 1.

For the thirdy part solution I would consider as a last hypothesis.

Thank you anyway.


Best regards.


A. Borriero

If you’re having trouble figuring out the prefilled URL, I would recommend taking a look at @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms extension.

Dear Scott,

thank you for the additional tip.

Eventually I found that with a "single selection" field the default works.

Thank you again for your precious help.


Best regards.


A. Borriero