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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

That can be used to generate web pages automatically from a base?
I know that Carrd can be connected to Airtable one way (for instance, to fill in data into a base for a form created in Carrd), but I am not sure if it can work the other way around (a row in Airtable becomes a website page in a Carrd site)
Are there any other applications besides Pory, Table2Site?

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There are several options for different types of sites, depending on your budget, the complexity of the site, and your ability to use some code.

More options include Stacker, Airconnex, MiniExtensions, and AirPress.

If you build the html in Airtable, you can also send the html directly to a WordPress website from Airtable. That is how I create all the posts on my webpage.