Geolocation of plants… How to document where each of my trees is planted??

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello there, I’ve created a pretty nice base that tracks almost everything necessary about thousands of trees planted on a farm. The base has lots of info from the date of acquisition to genus, species, notes, tons of photos, etc. But the one thing I’m stuck on is this: Since they’re 1000s of trees spread across 20 acres, I need to figure out how to Geo locate each tree or auto tag the geolocation of each tree so I know where it is on the farm. I would like this to be automatically created on a map, something like Google maps with a pin drop that shows me where I can find a plant. Spent some time googling and everything seems to be over my head in understanding how to do this. I’ve read many opinions including having to purchase some map tool from Google clouds and I’m just like “I thought this would be simple but maybe it’s not?” And this is a personal project so not any $ to spend. Does anyone have some help where they can guide me just add that one field so we can have it pin drop our current location (where we are standing) so I know where it is on the farm? Because Airtable can be confusing sometimes, anyone able to help, talk to me like I’m a two-year-old! Thanks

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You could try using a third party form tool to help you log the location you're submitting the form from, and then link the data together in Airtable using automations or some third party automation tool like Zapier or Make

I'm aware Fillout has this functionality but that's on their Starter plan and above I'm afraid: