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6 - Interface Innovator

I wish to add files to records from Google Drive.

I thought Airtable's Attachment field had no native integration for this - but, actually, when I open the "Add an attachment" window, I see a range of files services including GDrive, with which I can authenticate (what's going on?)...

However, there is also a problem...
Whilst the subsequent file browser shows my GDrive files which I own, it does not show files shared with me to which I have access. While shared folders are visible, their file contents are not available to select.

This is in contrast to In that, I notice that shared-with-me files are available to add just fine.

Is there any way to enable this, please?

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Hmm… that’s odd… I have full access to all of the files that are within my “shared with me” folder (and within all of the subfolders as well). So something else is going on for you. Maybe a Google Drive security setting? Not sure. If you can’t figure it out, I would email about it… they might have some insights.