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4 - Data Explorer

I’m having trouble setting up a table because I need it to display a very specific way and I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible. One of my fields is going to have multiple entries and I need to group data based on each individual entry that is applied to that record, not the grouping.

Ex: Record 1 applies to cats, dogs and birds. Record 2 applies to dogs, fish and cats.

I need to be able to group by “Dogs” and see which records apply to dogs (I need this to display as rows under the heading of “Dogs”). However when you try to group by this field it doesn’t group by individual entry.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to succinctly and accurately describe this problem via text. If anyone is willing to connect I’m happy to share more information. I’ve attached a photo that summarizes how I need the data to appear. AirTable Help

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You would need a junction table. You’d have a table for [Projects], a table for [Applies to], and a table for [Junction]. In [Junction] you’d link each row to a project and to a applies to record. That way you could group by the {Applies to} field to see each project appear one per row per category.