Help with formula to calculate daily percentage increase?

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4 - Data Explorer

Can someone help me write a simple formula for the following problem? I have a 3 column table. First column is the date, second column is the # of cases. 3rd column is the increase % of cases. I simply want to take today’s case value and find the increase from yesterday’s. How do I reference yesterday’s cases? How can I write a formula like this? ((todayCases - yesterdayCases) / yesterdayCases) * 100

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Hi @Greg_Jellin,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

The short answer is you cannot directly do such formula. Airtable formula fields references fields (columns) not records (rows).

The long answer, there is a work around that you can do. Check this base which I put quickly together. If you need help with it let me know.