Re: How can I reuse social media post content somebody else set up for me?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I am no Airtable expert or whatsoever so I am really struggling here....I used to have a team that produced social media post content for my FB and IG pages. I have access to the Bases they created because I used to review the content before they scheduled it. I am no longer working with them but would love to reuse all the content they had crated for me (since i paid for it) so I tried adjusting the posting dates on the different entries but nothing is being posted to my pages.....can anyone help? I suspect they may have done something on their end to sort of disconnect Airtable from my social media accounts and that is why it is not posting but I really don't know. Airtable customer service won't help so here I am hoping somebody knows what I am talking about!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Jean T.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

They had to automate from Airtable to post in your social profiles somehow. I don't think they were able to do this using Airtable automations (but you can check by clicking "Automations" tab at top of page while viewing the base).

I imagine they used Zapier or Make to automate the process. They must have owned these accounts if you are unfamiliar with them, so you wouldn't be able to access them now.

You'll have to set up new automations in order to make the table function again and reuse the content.

I've made a lot of Zapier/Airtable automations before and I'd be happy to talk you through what you'd need, or create them for you. You can schedule an initial call with me here .