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Re: How do I make one table update another table?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m going to be really specific. I will have a medal tally which I want to be updated by many different event tables. These event tables will basically have an empty field to put in the winners’ name. Then depending on which fields are selected for Gold, Silver or Bronze, that will populate my Medal Tally tabe. How do I do that? Please help me!

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Hi @Aaron_Ah_Yuk ,

I would do the following setup to get the result you want:

  1. First Table (Medal Tally) should have all the players’ names in the First Field (Primary Field)

  2. In each event Table, in the Second Field, make it a Linked Field to the First Table so you can choose the player name and have it linked to the Medal Tally.

  3. The next Field should be a Single Select Field with the 3 options you want. (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

  4. We still have the Primary Field (first field) empty in this table. We will do a very simple Formula (since the options in the Primary Field are limited) which will be (=Field3) as to show the Medal type chosen from the 3rd Field in the Primary Field. You can skip this step by simply putting the Medal Type in the Primary field without having it be a Single Select in the 3rd Field. (i.e.: skip step no. 3)

  5. In the Medal Tally Table, and since the Players Name is linked to this Table, you will find new Fields being created for each event and it will mention in it the medal type.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Mohamed_Swellam,

Thank you. I’ve done exactly as you said which is huge progress for a noob like myself. Instead of player’s names I’ve used school names.

In my Table 1, it shows the word Gold instead of tallying up the number of Golds won by a particular school.

Is there a way to do that?

Hi @Aaron_Ah_Yuk,

There is a very easy way to do so if you are on the Pro Plan, you can use the Pivot Table block and it will tally up the numbers as you need them.

If you are on the free plan, we will need to do a bit of a work around.

Tell me which plan you are on and if possible attach a screenshot of the Medal Tally table. if you cannot attach a screenshot here (you need to read and comment on some posts before getting the Basic badge which allows you to attach links and screenshots), feel free to send it to my email

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam,

I’m on the Pro Plan.
I’ve emailed you the images as I can’t seem to post them here.
Table 2 done as per your instructions. Can’t get “=Field 3” to show the actual “Gold”
And Table 1 showing the link to Table 2.
I’d be really interested in getting this Pivot Table block.

Hi @Aaron_Ah_Yuk,

I received the images. Please note the following:

  1. In Table 2, in the first Field, click on the arrow beside the Field Name, choose Customize Field Type, choose Formula from the drop list. This will solve the issue of getting =Field3 and will show the medal type instead.

  2. In Table 1, add a Pivot Table Block. If you don’t know how to add a block, check out this Help Article.

  1. Once you add a Pivot Table Block, you will have options for Row Grouping (choose Name) and Column Grouping (choose Table 2).

Let me know if this works.

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam,

Thanks for that solution. I’ve done all you set out and it works. I will send send you screenshots of that including the Pivot Table.

Is there a way to sum up the number of Gold, Silver and Bronze for each school?

I’ve also added you as a Collaborator using your email address.

Hi @Aaron_Ah_Yuk,

Im glad i was of help.

Please send me a view only link on my email. Adding me as a collaborator will cost you money (even if it is for 1 day). Im not using Airtable on that email anyway and havent logged in, dont worry :slightly_smiling_face:

Waiting for the View only link.

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam ,

I’ve emailed you the link.

Hope you have time to have a look at it and help me sum up the total Gold, Silver and Bronze for each school.

Hi @Aaron_Ah_Yuk,

The Base in this link is different than your original description, that is why the Pivot Table solution did not work the way I described it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this the final setup you will use or is it just an example? Because If you will have tables for each event as you previously described then the solution I first wrote will work.

If this is the final table, then here is a link for it after I edited it. Feel free to copy it back to your Workspace and let me know when you do please :slightly_smiling_face: . Hope this works for you.