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our company has been playing around with airtable for our project management and tasks management. 

Our company runs marketing and branding for multiple brands. So we have created 1 base for each of the brands. In each base, we have multiple marketing campaigns for each specific brand. 

We wish to view all the tasks assigned from multiple bases for each of the members in the workspace. How may I go about structuring our bases and fields to be able to achieve this? 


Thank you in advance. 

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If you're only planning on viewing, perhaps you could create a table that you sync the "Task" views from all your other tables into?

If you want to be able to update those tasks though, I would recommend you consider having all your data in a single base instead, and categorize your tasks / projects by brand. That way you could view all your tasks via removing all your filters, and you could make changes to said tasks easily

If you are unable to have all your data in a single base, then I think you could create a single table, sync all your "Tasks" views from all your other bases to it, and then create extra fields in that synced view to make updates to.  From there, you'd have to use automations or some kind of third party service like Zapier to ensure that updates you make in your synced view will update the rest of your bases.  This would be a fair amount of set up though.

Thank you Adam. Appreciate it. How may I go about creating a table to sync all the "Task" from other bases? Only viewing should be still applicable. 


I would recommend checking out Airtable's documentation here for a guide as they do a far better job than I could at laying out the process, and I've added screenshots below to show you how it might look once completed

Apologies, I just realized this is only possible via an Airtable Pro plan, which allows you to sync up to ten tables per base.  Enterprise allows for 20 tables per base.  (Pricing page)

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 10.00.19 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 10.00.26 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 10.00.22 AM.png


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