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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone! I’ve already created a couple of Airtable bases for client & inventory management, but I’ve been grappling with a specific use case that I’m struggling to figure out the best setup for.

I’d like a base that is primarily for keeping a list of a writer’s scripts on offer. Within the scripts table, we’ll have fields to categorize by script type, audience, content tags, etc.

Another table will have a list of performers, and (I think??) the 3rd table would have a list of performances (or script fills). Where I’m getting caught up is on the simplest way to display all performances of a particular script, and a link to each performance.

So, each script can be filled by multiple performers.

Each performer can also have filled multiple scripts / created performances.

I’ve set up the 3 tables; the Performers table contains all the performers and then links to the Performances/Fills table. Then I have a lookup field in the “Scripts” table that pulls the list of fills for each script. But the lookup field just has a list and not actual links to the performances. That’s what I really want. Click on a script, have theta pull up a direct link to each performers fill of that script.

What am I missing? Many, many thanks in advance!

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