How to design a dynamic project tracker

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4 - Data Explorer

I manage a team as they each work on their own independent projects. I already have created a base to track their work but I am not confident it is the best way to go about it. I need the best way to show the progress they are making. Each project has an estimate of how many hours it would take to complete, broken down by task.

This is the current setup:

  • One base contains tables for each project
  • A project has its own table that contains an outline of the multiple tasks required to complete the project. It is a very simple table where each task is in its own record.
  • A project table has columns including % completion, completed checkbox, estimated hours, actual hours, start date, due date, and end date
  • The team member assigned to the project has to fill in the % completion, completed checkbox, actual hours, start date, and end date for each task
  • The estimated hours and due dates are set by me
  • One table within this base shows a summary of the progress made on each project
  • Summary table mentioned above has a row for each project with columns for % completion, estimated total hours, actual total hours, start date, due date, and completed date
  • I update the summary table manually based on the inputs from each project table

I would like to design this base in such a way that the progress made on each project is automatically calculated based on user input and shown as a top-level view for upper mgmt.

Any tips/ideas for this? Thank you!

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