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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello I'm new to airtable, and I recently had a website built using Airtable as a database for a car listing widget. We have a column in our airtable where we input a short and long description for each vehicle we list. Below is a screen shot of what the data looks like once we past it into the cell of the airtable. It looks like one big run-on sentence. Is there any way to format this data to display nicer? Or at least have a line break so that each sentence can be displayed on its own line so its broken up some and easier to read? Thanks!2023-08-24_15-26-07.png

I would prefer it read like the following if possible....


8 Man Cab (7 SCBA Seats)
Air Conditioned Cab
Diesel Engine
Automatic Transmission
Mileage: 19,074
750 GPM Side Mount Pump
500 Gallon Poly Water Tank
Foam Tank
Foam Pro Foam System
Front Suction
Front Trash Line
Generator Light Tower
Electric Reel
Cascade System
Front Winch
Federal Q Siren
Rear Arrow Stick
Rear Tripod Scene Lights
Coffin Storage Up Top
Slide Out Tool Trays
Rear Chevron Striping
Truck Height: 11' 5''

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

That's cool that you use Airtable for that application. If you go to your column pull down, you should see a button for Rich Text Formatting. Make sure that is on and you'll be able to display on a separate line. Here's a snapshot. 

@Robert_William1 thank you so much!! My developers told me this wasn't possible! You did it in 2 seconds! Thank you so much!! Save me to much time and headaches.