How to link one field to many other tables?

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hi all,

I am new in Airtable, and cannot find an ideal solution after searching for few hours.

-------------My Question-------------- 

I have a table[Clients] with field[Email]. And another 2 tables are described below:

- Table [Sales] : Sales list indicates which sales is responsible for which clients. The common field between [Sales] and [Clients] is [Email]

- Table [Table Number]: to indicate which table those clients are assigned to sit in dinner time. The common field between [Table Number] and [Clients] is [Email]

I want to add lookup fields from [Sales] and [Table Number] to integrate all the information(ex. sales, table number) of a client in  [Clients]. How can I achieve it?


Since the limitation is one column can only link to one another table, I'm stuck here. Hopefully someone could help, thanks in advance!

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You'll need 2 linked fields in your Clients table. One where you'll link to the sales person. You can then add a lookup field for fields in that table. One extra where you'll link to the table. You can then add additional lookup fields for that table. 

With one linked field to another table, you can add as many lookup fields as you want. 

Some extra info here.

Hi Databaser,

Thanks for your reply!

Let me clarify your response. So I have to duplicate the Email field in [Clients] table in order to connect to 2 other tables -- is it what you mean?

No, I assume you have a linked field to the Sales table and one to the Table number table from the Clients table? 

Hi Databaser,

Since I can only use [Email] field to link to both [Sales] and [Table Number], but under the rule that every field can only link to one table, it seems that I have to duplicate [Email] field in [Clients]. So that one can link to [Sales] and another can link to [Table Number]?

I'm not sure why you think that you can only link 1 field to only 1 table...? You link tables to tables and then use lookup fields. Not sure what I'm missing here.