Hyperlinks in rich text won't transfer in linked records?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there, 

We have a questionnaire for our clients to fill out where they deposit links to their corporate materials (decks, etc). These are hyperlinks in the table where we collect them, but we would like to be able to reference these on another table (via a linked record). Problem is... when we link those records, they appear on the second table as plain text, without hyperlinks. 

Am I screwed? Or is there a workaround that someone knows and can share? 

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Unfortunately, lookup fields, rollup fields, and formula fields all eliminate rich text formatting. Only rich text fields themselves retain formatting, so you could probably workaround this limitation by creating an automation to copy and paste the contents of the rich text field from one table to another. 

Hmmm... interesting... Like an automation that, if they've filled out the questionnaire, produces a hyperlink/button on the 2nd table which we can click to transport us to the Questionnaire Responses in the other table? 


Oh, you could do that, too... that's probably the better way of handling it.