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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hello everyone

I love Airtable! I’ve been working with it for over five years both professionally and personally and over that time I’ve been involved with setting up plenty of complex bases for all kinds of purposes. My particular areas of interest are employee and customer databases, project management tools, data catalogues and data governance. I can help with base architecture, planning workflows, writing formulas and organising automations, as well as setting up dashboards and interfaces.

I’m experimenting with the idea of freelancing this kind of work, based on a “pay as you feel” model. If you would like some help getting started with setting up your own bases, please get in touch with me here.

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Ciao a tutti,
mi sono iscritto per usare le funzioni CRM di airtable,
ne ho visti diversi già funzionanti

se parto con un modello posso cambiare modello tra x tempo e mantenere i dati inseriti all’ interno?
oppure chiudo il vecchio perdo i dati e devo ripartire da capo con una versione nuova ?

Hi Jonathan let me ask you 2 questions please:

  1. I have an inventory with code and description of the code for example PipPVC1 and the description is Pipe PVC1" that is simple but I have a lot of items because I have pipes steel 1", 1 1/2" ,2", EMT pipes, Carbon pipes etc my question is how can I introduce the items in the database simple something like I introduce Pipe and show me all pipes I know if I work with links it shows me the items but not in the first column, Im not sure if understand, I need to make form to capture the data but the first thing to capture dat is this pipe and show me the pipes and I choose and put the quantity, thanks

The other question is I have a data a base and the base is about houses or apartments and has one column to describe if the apartment is rent or is the owner is who live in it, then I need a form that show me the exact people who live in the building at this moment I suppse is the appartment is rented the owner not live in there for example in the apart 201 live the owner and in the 304 live the tenant then I see in the paper who live actually, thanks Juan Carlos