Identifying the event that happened most recently

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Folks,

I am creating a quasi-CRM in Airtable.

Every time I interact with a company I create a new event in an event table links back to a company record on the company table (“called JC Toothpicks on Monday”, “ate lunch with Pencils United on Tuesday”, “sent proposal to JC Toothpicks on Wednesday” etc).

Whats the best way to identify the most recent event at each company?

The long term goal is to be able to run through all our companies quickly and know what stage they are at and the last interaction (imagine in like a Kanban view of companies grouped by stage)


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Welcome to the community, @Dan_Irwin!

In your events table, you could group your records by company, and then reverse sort them by event date.

Or, if you want to do this from the companies table, that’s a little trickier. I explain how to do this in this video podcast: