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Connecting 'Booked calls' and 'CRM'

I have two tables: 'Booked calls' and then 'CRM'.We are an agency that books calls on behalf of our clients. My booked calls are captured by webhook and linked to various other tables with KPIs. But now I want to build a CRM table for different clien...

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how to auto assign tasks according to a single select field

Hi Airtable Community,  is there a way to auto assign tasks according to a single select field. I have a single select with multible Teams (CRM, Website, Social Media etc.). I want a new record to be auto assigned to the team lead of the team from th...

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Timezone problem

Time zones are difficult to handle within AirTable. Here is an example that gives me a headache. I have a table (let's call this table Calendar) in which there is, among other things, a Date Field associated with an event occurring at a Location. Str...

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Show remaining values from linked table

I have a table listing persons linked to another table showing tasks. I'm trying to show the remaining tasks a person needs to do.Example: These two tables are linkedTable 1: a list of 100 peopleTable 2: a list of 34 tasks to be done by each personEa...

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G_T by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Resolved! Lookup in Forms Based on Data other than Primary Field

Hello AirTable Community,Here's a fun one that I hope I can pick some brains on.  We have a Workday integration that creates an employee directory that feeds quite a few bases. With the Workday integration, we have to use a unique identifier - that b...

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How to select a two-level list

Hello. I have just started playing with Airtable, and I have run into an issue. In SQL this would take but a second, but I cannot seem to figure out how to add this filtering. If you can help, I would be quite appreciative... TIA.The situation:1. I h...

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See more than 2 dates per record in timeline view?

Is there anyway to set up timeline or gnatt views to see more than 2 dates?Currently I have the "duration" of the record, but there is a repeated "event" that happens through the duration of the record (recorded in another table with a link to the fi...

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