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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a Yes or No question in one column. I only want to enter data in the following column if the answer is Yes. If the answer is No the following column remains blank. So what I am looking for is the following:

Caregiver Field: Yes or No.

Caregiver Name: If yes, enter name of caregiver

Is it possible if the answer is Yes, enter name of caregiver in the following column, and the next column would allow to enter a type of relationship. For example: Caregiver Field: Yes, Caregiver Name: Jane Doe, Relation: Daughter.

If Caregiver Field: No, Caregiver Name: blank, Relation field: blank


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This is only possible with Airtable's forms, not any of the other view types. You would use the conditional form fields feature.