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Extra Blank Record Shows Up in Column of Synced Tab

Hello! I have a rollup column that looks fine in the original base, but when synced to another base some of the cells seems to add extra information.For example, in the original base, a cell in the column will say "Person A, Person B"In the synced ba...

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Linking Records in the same column

As you can see in the attached file, I want to Create a link between anchor campaigns and other campaigns from the same column. Anchor campaigns are the “major” campaigns happening throughout the year and all other campaign types are “subcampaigns”. ...

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Linking a Primary Field between Multiple Bases

Hi there Airtable Gurus,We have four bases in our Airtable workspace:Base A: This is a new base connected to our legacy software, which automatically adds order numbers into Base A. We want to link this base to our existing Bases B, C, and D using th...

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GPTs and Semantic Search

Hello,AirTable introduce AI Feature few months ago but I don"t see Vector Search or Semantic Search.I found this project Ask-Airy that provide a very interesting design a year ago.It create an Embeding for each table's rowIt create a HyDE of Row base...

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Resolved! Filter Overriding Default Drop Down?

Odd one, but I've noticed it a couple of times in the last week, so I wonder if it's a quirk of a new update.Basically I have a Status dropdown with a default option applied, called PlannedOne view that has some filters, including "If {dropdown} = AR...

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Specifying which field to roll-up

I have created a base to track various components of our commercial kitchen operation.I have bases for Menu Items, Prep Items and Ingredients.I have created various columns for the quantity of ingredients for each dish and need to roll them up into t...

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