Is there a way to count the total number of the records?

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6 - Interface Innovator

If I want to know the total number of one base, one workspace, or totally. How can I get that number?

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The workspace settings page states the number of records per base. To see the workspace settings page, click the little triangle next to the workspace name and select “workspace settings”. However, this number is not updated in real time. So, if you have recently added or deleted records, they will not be reflected in the total.

A script can also get the total number of records in a base.

There is no easy way to get the total number of records in a workspace. You have to manually add all the records across the bases in the workspace. However, the limits on records are per base, not per workspace, so most people don’t need to know this number.

There is not easy way to get the total number of records in an account. You would have to manually add up all the records in all the bases.