Is there a way to generate a "Synced Tables" Report?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

We've been relying on view naming conventions to monitor syncs, but is there is a reporting feature or another data-driven solution that lists all of the sync activity coming out of a base? 

- List of Views that are synced to another base.

- List of Tables that contain a synced View.

- List of external destination tables synced from a given source table. (this is currently possible for any single view through reviewing the sync settings, but looking for a consolidated view) 

The specific use case is consolidating bases that have been built by various users. One goal is to eliminate having multiple sync views coming out of one table, but also to develop a roadmap to optimize tables across all of the bases once we're in the same workspace.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! This is a fantastic idea! While there is a similar feature called Field Dependencies for Enterprise customers that shows which fields are involved in syncs on a per-table basis, there isn't such a robust tool to see how your bases are all connected via syncs as you're suggesting. A sync dashboard would be a great addition to the product. I encourage you to post this idea in the Product Ideas section as I am sure others might be looking for similar functionality.