Issue with syncing data properly

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
I have two bases and two tables. 
Base 2 Table 2 table has initiative name , objectives, key results, earliest date (based on all projects in base 1 table 1) and latest data (based on all projects in base1 table 1)  and list of all program that have the initiatives.  
Base 1 Table 1 contains program name, program description, type, priority, start date and release date, status, initiative name. 
Base 2 Table 2 is synced to Base 1 table 1 so I can have the product manager can select the appropriate initiative in their program. In base 2 table 2,  I want a field to automatically add projects that have the initiative specified.. 
Right now, base 1 table 2 (which is synced copy of the initiatives) has the correct project names listed. However in base 2 table 2 the field of the project's name are blank. I am not sure why. 
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