How can I manage the registration process of a student for multiple events on a dependency list?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone. I'm new to Airtable and getting used to the automations and tools. I'm hoping there's a way to do what I'm trying to accomplish, even if it's not the way I'm thinking...

First, a little context:
We teach different types of classes (at least 😎 and have a list of students we contact to offer classes and enrollments. Some students may take only one class, some may take 3 or more.

What we have done
We want to be able to store our students' information, assign them to the groups they are interested in (for example, if they are interested in class A, B, and D), and perform the registration process(es) for each of them.

To do this, I created 2 tables: one for the classes and all the information related to them (price, dates, location, etc.), and one for the students, where I store the students' information and track their stage as a lead (if they are new, if they need to be contacted to understand more about their interests, etc.). Then I linked both tables in a list view and now it looks like this:


What are we trying to achieve?
I want to be able to track each student's enrollment status for each class, but if I add a Status field, it will change for all classes instead of just one. Is there a way to add an independent field to track this?

For example, if Jane Doe is interested in taking Class A and Class B, I would like to be able to see that she is Pending in the registration process for Class A and Registered in the registration process for Class B.

Thank you very much! If there are any questions, I will be happy to clarify.

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

I have this set up for my programme. Your thoughts on independent tracking are also how I was hoping to mark attendance. Unfortunately, I have not found the best solution for this.

My workaround is currently this:

Instead of a "single select" field to show progress, use another "Link" field. You'll have to create a link field for each progression. A student's progression is now represented by which field they are linked to.

EG: Student linked to "Attended" or linked to "Passed Test"

With the recent and future additions to dynamic linking, there might be cleaner ways to do this. I'm yet to look into it.

I'd recommend handling this with a new table where each record represented a single student's registration process for a single class