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Link Contacts to Vendors

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4 - Data Explorer

First thank you in advance! I would like ideas with my table architecture of my project. I am new to AirTable.

I am building a contact database for my homeowner’s association. Using node.js, Twilio Functions, I want to be able to ask the question, “What is the contact phone numbers for pool vendor and homeowners at 123 Oak Ave?”

These are the tables that I was thinking I need:

  • homes address table with the house number, street
  • vendor table with the different vendors’ name, address, multiple phone numbers and emails.
  • contact table with names, link addresses, and multiple phone numbers and emails per record. An example would be I want both spouses cell phone numbers tied to the address. We have some people own multiple homes.

I would like a “Last Updated” column know too when any of the tables’ rows are updated.

Then, I want to provide associations to the different vendors for the home.
Example would be all Oak Ave address use the vendor Best Pools. We do have one offs too where house 231 Oak Ave uses a different pool vendor.

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Welcome to the community, @Randall_Zapata! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Your design sounds pretty good so far. I would probably use the [Homes] table as the hub for everything else. Each home would have its own details, a link field to connect to a contact for the home, and then several link fields for various vendors: pool, electricity, gas, phone (land line), pest control, etc.

Did you have specific questions about the design? I don’t really see much in your post other than, “I would like ideas with my table architecture,” and like I said, it’s spot-on so far.