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I am building a base for a restaurant's catering service. Right now, I have a table with the catering menu with items and prices per item. I have another table for the catering orders. I created a field that links to the catering menu to select the person's order. The issue I encountered was that I cannot select the same record more than once. So if an order includes 2 of more of the same item, I can only mark it once.

I know linking to the same record multiple times is not possible. So I am trying to find alternative solutions. 



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You need an Orders table and an Orders Line Items table. Your Orders table has the information about the whole order: who it’s for, the date, the location, the total amount of the order, etc. There’s a linked field in the Orders table that links to the Line Items table. The Line Items table is where you link the item from the catering menu and put the number of that item that you need.

For example, you have 3 things on your catering menu:

Mac & Cheese | $14.00
Ham & Cheese | $5.00
Wine & Cheese | $45.00

Ms. Smith comes in and places an order. So you create an order in the Orders table with her information. Let’s say it’s Order 1. Then move to the Line Items table to create the list of items. Each record has 1 linked catering menu item and 1 linked Order number. 

Catering menu item (linked) | Catering menu price (lookup) | Number ordered (number) | Total Price (formula = price * number ordered) | Order (linked)
Ham & Cheese | $5.00 | 3 | $15.00 | Order 1
Wine & Cheese | $45.00 | 2 | $90.00 | Order 1

Good luck!