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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all! I’m new to airtable, and I’m stuck with a thing.

I have a tasks table, and sometimes I need to wait a response from a client that another task from client (B) is achieved to do another task (A).

So when I create my (A) task, I fill a “waiting for” field (that is a “link to another record”, linked to the same table) to remember me that this task is pending.

As I’m creating my (A) task, I click on the “waiting for” field to create a (B) task (the client response), where I pick a checkbox “External task” to remember that this task is not mine (and stock it in a separate view).

I have two question :

  • first, I would like to add the (A) task name to the (B) task field “Linked to task” to know for what task the client response is. I tried with automation but it didn’t work. Maybe it is not with automation to do this, maybe a formula or something to fill this “linked task”. In automation, I ask myself if in a “link to another record” field that contains records name, we can search for record ID :thinking:

-second, do I think well about the way to do what I want to do ? I’ve a task, and I can’t do this task before my client response me. Do you have other ideas for me to figure this out ?

thanks a lot all !

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