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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi AirTable Community,

Hoping someone can help me end the madness that is manual verification. Here’s the rundown.

The first tab is a bulk import from Workday. Inside this tab is a view that shows users that are authorized to access a specific program based on job title and organizational unit.

A second tab is a form where users can request access to the program through a site on our intranet.

I want to be able to:

When a user requests access, I would like the second table to look at the tab in the first table of authorized users and flag somehow in the second table that they are authorized.

Is this possible?

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Hi @Travis_Groom1

There are several possible ways to do so.

  1. you can make a Linked to another record field in the 2nd table (where the form is) which links to the names in the 1st table and then looks up the authorization level. If you dont want whoever is using the form to see all the names in the 1st table (they will just see the names, no details), you can use this script to achieve that.

  2. you can use Zapier to do that if you dont want to link the records or use a script. When a new record is created via form, Zapier can look up the name and authorize in the first table then update the record accordingly.