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I have two tables - Registration and Bookings

Both tables relate to the same customers.

Customers submit their Registration forms and they are updated at least annually. There is an automation that links new or updated Registration records to another table, which has a roll-up to find the most recently created record for each customer. There is a formula field in the Registration table that compares the created date of a record to the most recent date from the roll-up. I filter on that formula field so in the Registration table I only see the most recent submission although all previous submissions are still available.

Customers submit a Booking form every time they want to make a booking so there may be a number of booking records for each customer.

I would like to link the tables so that I can create a view which has the most recent Registration record and all the Booking records for each customer.

What is the best/simplest way to do this.
Thank you.


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Seems like you need a third table called "Customers" or something that links to both "Registration" and "Bookings". 

You could then use that same rollup method you talked about to display the latest "Registration" record

From there, in your "Bookings" table you could group by the "Customers" value and use a lookup field to display the latest "Registration" record, or if you're on Pro the List view would be ideal for this I think