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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I developed a base that I think can be simplified, and would appreciate feedback on the set-up - and suggestions for how to improve it. I think I have unnecessary tables and manual tasks.

Here is the basic info (I am new to this community so not sure what is helpful vs excessive)

  • The base is to manage participants in a large community program.

  • People signup on a rolling basis. We use the forms for this.

  • Some of those people then join groups. They either tell us the group they want to be in when they sign up, or we decide later and assign them. They also either tell us the role they want - “group leader” or “group member” - or they say “IDK” and we fill that in later.

  • Here’s where it gets funky:

  • This program has multiple public events, so people wind up signing up more than once, not aware or caring that they already signed up a few months ago. (Right now I clean this up manually, which is time consuming and inelegant)

  • People can start off as a member of one group, then become a leader of a new group later on. So people will be in multiple groups, in different roles.

  • In order to become a group leader, people need to go through a training. So they can indicate they are interested in being a group leader, but they don’t get that designation until they have completed the training.

Right now, I have a People table, an Interest table, and a Groups table. I use two forms - one for People and one for Interest - for sign-up, and then manually update the Groups table based on the information provided.

So, basically, every person is ONE person, but their participation can be MANY, and may or may not be in a group.

I’m sure this is not enough info…but maybe a good place to stop this post!

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First off, I’m sorry that this hasn’t had any responses yet. I’m tied up with other things the rest of this weekend, but I can take a deeper look early next week if that will help. Or perhaps someone else can jump in and offer some thoughts now that the thread has been bumped. :slightly_smiling_face:

Second, I think the level of detail you shared is pretty spot-on, at least for me. Not too much, and definitely not too little.

Are you still looking for input on this? I’m starting to gather some thoughts (mostly questions) based on my current understanding of your setup, but I didn’t receive any acknowledgement of my previous post.