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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have two tables. The NAMES table has Names & Addresses
The MESSAGES Table has a DATE field with every day for this year, and a Message fField with a different message for each day.

My use case is automating a way to send a text message to every name in the Names table.

I tried creating a Formula field for now() in theNAMES table so each record has today’s date. I was thinking I could then use a lookup to bring in the appropriate messag (Today’s Message) into the Names Table but evidently, I can’t use a formula field as the basis if a lookup.

Can someone suggest how I can accomplish this?

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Hi @Brite_Admin

Not sure if this is possible in Airtable. Did you have look at the Zapier possibilities (eg with “find record” step)?

Airtable article about this.