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I’m discovering Airtable right now. I try to set a simple database to explore the tool in a project management environnement with automation.

I have a master project table. I have another table to collect form responses, related with project. I would like to update project rows with some information of the collected form, when a form response arrive.

I understand the concept of trigger. I’m pretty sure I could do it with Integromat or Zapier. Would it be possible with native automation tool in Airtable ?

Any suggestion would be very welcome.

Thanks a lot

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Yes, what you are describing, however vaguely, seems like it should be possible with Airtable’s native automations. It would probably be easier to address your specific use-case if you were to give us a bit more specifics regarding what you are trying to accomplish and why, though.

Thanks sure, I could try to make it clear.

The project is about collecting information from workers using form. Then use this information to generate an ID with calculation. Being checked and then sent back to worker.

From a list extracted from another source. I aim to generate a prefilled form URL for each record in the worker table. Then send it by mail. Collect responses in a result table (RésultatForm). Update the master table (Salariés) with fields from responses. Then calculate, check, and generate a mail with the ID generated.

My first question concerns the way to manage form responses to update the worker table.

I have another table to collect form results. In this table the field {Salariés} refer to the ID of the table “Salariés”. Fields Réponse1 and Réponse2 aim to update those same field in the master Table “Salariés”.

Hope it is clear enough.