Making the perfect Airtable base for logging video for my documentary

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Airtable and before I get too far populating my Airtable base, I was hoping to solicit advice on how to set it up as well as possible.

I am watching raw footage for my documentary film and logging it. Basically the data I have is: time code, logging notes, thematic tags.

Here are some examples pulled from the Google Doc:

31:09 | Clint, Joyva History, Radutzky Family

  • Clint: Mickey, Harry, Milton, Alex. Those were all my bosses. I love them all. There was nothing in the world that they wouldn’t do for me. That’s why I never let them down. I never leave them.
  • Now I work for Milton’s son Richie, your father
  • Anybody that’s not happy with their job I don’t understand why, I love my job

27:37 | Angel, Factory, Outdated

  • The process hasn’t changed at all. “It’s like your grandmother’s pancakes”

31:09 and 27:37 is the Time Code. Angel, Factory, Outdated, etc are the tags. Then the third field is the notes “the process…”

Any advice?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Josh_Freund,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

Well i think what you are already doing now is good. You can make the 2nd field a linked field and create a new table with it (if it helps you to track all the events in a certain tag for example).

You can also add a field with Character names involved in the scene to help you track the whereabouts of each character (again, maybe you dont need it)

Good luck!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam,

Thank you SO much for reading my post and responding!

I’m not entirely understanding your comment about linked fields. How would I make the tags a linked field? Where would the table then exist? Right now, the tag column is multiple select. Would I have to change that?

I like the idea of Character names too. I’ve thought about that as an option.

Hi @Josh_Freund,

Yes you will have to change that into a Linked Field instead. You will then choose Create New Table, there is where the tags will be.

Same for Character names / relationships. If you want me to take a loom at it you can share a screenshot.


5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Gotcha. I just read some Airtable guides on linked fields so I understand what you’re saying now. Thanks a lot, again, for taking the time to respond to me! There’s so much you can do on Airtable, it’s amazing if you want to be hyper organized. I just find it to have a slightly high learning curve. :slightly_smiling_face: