Max Number of Automations in a Base

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I was adding Automations to a base, and it says “This base already has the maximum number of automations.” I have not read about this problem anywhere else. Is there any way to increase the max number of automations? I need about 10 more automations.


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How many automations do you have? I didn’t realize that there was a limit, either.

Each automation can only have a maximum of 25 actions, but I didn’t realize that automations themselves had a maximum.

You may want to submit feedback on that here:

If you need more automations, you may need to turn to Integromat or Zapier.

@Vedant_Tapiavala Checking to see if you’re able to share more info based on @ScottWorld’s questions. I’m also unaware of a cap on the number of automations that can be added to a base.