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Hi there -

I have a base that we use to coordinate our deliveries and our pickups for our drivers. I have a view that is built for our dispatch team to "route" our delivery schedule for the next day that is filtered by all deliveries and pickups that need to made tomorrow.

I have a separate view that is for our drivers to show all deliveries and pickups that need to be made Today, so that when they clock-in in the morning, they can see their route and begin going through their schedule. I need the Delivery view to adopt the routing order that was made in the routing view day-prior.

How do I make that happen?

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I would recommend adding a number field called 'order' so that you can s physically plug in which order to go in (1, 2, 3) and then sort by that field. You can copy another view's configuration, but it needs to be based off a field and not just manual movement.

Hey @Meredith_Scrog1 , super helpful. So if I have a copied configuration, it won't adopt the order via drag and drop, is that correct? It will only adopt it by a specified field; which you're suggesting should utilize a numbered field

Happy to help! Yes, that's correct. We ran into a similar issue with having a contractor to-do list that needed to be ordered.