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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, I think I’m getting crazy trying to use the Airtable. I tried it because I wanted some sort of simple database with some simple “app like” interface to submit hours and payment for the hours. I did not wanna overcomplicate and use database and start learning something like wordpress. Currently it does not seems I could avoid that.

What am I looking for is to simply create a database with table for hours that can be submitted by the form where table 1 catching Start Date (date/time), End Date (date/time), Number of Hours (end date - start date), Price (Number of Hours * 250), table of payments that I will submit by the form from table 2 catching the Payment Date, Payment Amount.

The problem that I’m not able to solve when using the documentation is how to get the Table 1 SUM of Price - Table 2 SUM of Payments.

Honestly it is ridiculous that Airtable suppose to be to user friendly way how to create apps or even connect apps. Can somebody give me hand how to do those without pulling all my hair off?


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6 - Interface Innovator

Do you need this data in two different tables? If your payment date and payment amount will correspond 1:1 with a form submission, it could be in one table. Your form can hide fields that you don't want to show/have them fill out.

If you have one payment that should be applied to many form submissions (say you pay the bank or the company the sum of all your contractors/workers), I would do a linked field. This creates a connection between your sets of data. I would recommend that in your Payments table (table 2), you add a rollup field, which sums the payment amounts from table 1 that are linked to table 2. This will total all of the 'linked' fields. Screenshots attached!

You can also use many formulas, as well as the bottom of the grid to toggle between sum, median, average.

Here's screenshot of table 1 (could only attach one pic at a time)