Mobile apps Android in particular is a terrible terrible experience

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Amazing and wonderful Airtable support team:

Please create separate section on the community here for the MOBILE apps. Currently there is no place to talk. I hope the reason why no board is created is because the mobile apps board would be the board where you see the most reports about bugs. There are so many bugs and issues in the mobile apps that listing of them would obscure everything else being discussed here. The mobile apps are so faulty, it’s a shame Airtable doesn’t work on fixing issues. While I was discussing with the support people they encoutaged me to switch to desktop because the mobile apps are designed for viewing only and not editing. Well that’s not the impression I’m getting from the apps description. There are bugs, constant crashes when editing records or adding attachments. The issues are persistent across wide range of devices and operating systems. The issues are ongoing and for long time … well specifically since Airtable released the FORCED update of the app about 8-10 months ago so I no longer can load older version.

You need to understand … mobile apps should be part of your strategy and not an option or an alternative. Most people use mobile decided and in fact I want to do ALL DATA editing work with Airtable on mobile apps. That means I am not expecting the apps to have the same functionality to create new relationships, fields, formulas or automations … I understand mobile apps will never match the desktop in that respect. However, I do expect to be able to add new records or edit them without issues. Exactly this is currently not possible to do because of numerous ongoing and confirmed bugs.

The iOS apps are not perfect are more stable at least and they are not crashing. The Android versions on the other hand are a disaster. Same issues on various Android versions and devices.

You need to test those apps and read reviews in Google Play since there isn’t any place here for users to voice concerns and sending them to support makes no sense as it has been confirmed on Reddit, the mobile apps get little attention and bugs are persistent.

You are adding new features (thank you) but do almost no bug fixing.

And please don’t give me the templates answer saying I need to use Computer to use Airtable for that.

It’s been many many months and issues persisting. Just look at the ratings in Google Play. People don’t even bother leaving reviews. You have low user adoption of the Android apps because the apps just sucks so badly.

Support is not resolving anything but had confirmed the issues as bugs and acknowledged them but told me many months ago and issues still no resolved … In contrary, the issues KEEP PILING UP.

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But the app is now getting better I must say. At least there is some progress after 2 years.