Move columns to new table and link row to old one

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have too many columns in my table and would like to move this data to a different table. How would I go about doing this while still retaining a reference to the old rows?


Name Data 1 Data 2 Data 3 - To be moved Data 4 - To be Moved


Name Data 1 Data 2 Link to row in new table
Data 3 Data 4 Link to row in previous table

Hope that makes sense! Thanks!

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Hmm, assuming your primary field is unique, you could try duplicating the table, creating a link between the two, and just pasting the primary field value into the linked field?

You could then start deleting the columns you didn’t want in the new table

@Kevin_Gutowski That is likely not the approach you want to take. Instead of creating extra tables, what you probably want to do is create different views. You would configure each view to only show you the fields that you want to see.

I discuss views in detail in my free Airtable training course: