Multi-source sync/Two-way sync: Can I sync all records from destination table to all source tables?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

I have a multi-sync table that collects tasks from different bases.
More precisely: I have Team A Base and their tasks, Team B Base and their tasks and Team C Base and their tasks and collect all tasks from both teams in multi-sync base "All tasks" (for cross-functional teams that work with all 3 teams). Now I know I can sync back edits to each base with two-way sync.

What I would like to achieve though is that I see all tasks from all teams in all task tables (Team A, Team B, Team C and All tasks). That way, every team can continue working in their own base with increased transparency and without missing a tasks (e.g., I am part of Team A, but team B assigns a task to me --> I would miss this task if I don't check out Team B Base or All Tasks).

Does anybody have more insights here?

Thanks and best, Steffi

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