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4 - Data Explorer
Hello All
I have a question trying to make sure I am thinking correctly about my data. I have drivers that complete stops every day for almost all the same stores. So in a week, they can visit the same store 2 a week. I want to use airtable to organize the data and do formulas so that I will calculate the Gross, and Net for each route.
So here is my question:
I am thinking about having a table that is for Stores (customers), Then having a table is for deliveries.
The store's table will have the following columns
  1. Store name
  2. zip code
Then the Delivery table will have the following Column
  1. Store name
  2. Zip code
  3. Weight
  4. route
  5. Date completed
  6. rate
  7. Weight Rate
  8. Total
So every day when the routes are created in google sheets. I will use Make to bring in the new stops of the day to add to the database. I would add these to the delivery table. I am thinking since it is always the same delivery each week that I would have a store table so that i am not adding redundant records but can use the store table to link the deliveries up. (By the week it can be easily 500 stops.) The only info that changes every day is the weight and route.
Building a relational database is the correct way to structure it. Or do I combine both store and Delivery table into one.
Thanks in advance
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Yeap I'd do it the same way I think.  I don't think I'd have the "Store Name" or "Zip Code" fields in the "Deliveries" table though, just the linked field to the "Stores" table