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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Good day y'all,

I have an issue with my Base page freezing whenever filter is changed to find another item. Browser will then very often freeze and a window will appear asking me if I want to "wait" or kill page. Other tabs on the browser will work just fine (as long if it isn't this particular Base). Other notable mentioning:


  • Used/test on Brave and Chrome browser and Airtable Windows Desktop App 
  • Desktop/laptop systems resources are not 100% (CPU or Memory) utilized
  • 48,284 / 50,000 Records utilized
  • 8 active Automations
  • 6 tabs (the majority of data) are synced from other Bases
  • Quite a large amount of columns consisting of Formulas


Is there any reasons particular this is happening? What issue would I need to address first to relief the system from the stress?

This is pretty critical for the business the daily operations. Unfortunately the support team hasn't responded since yesterday. So here I am 😞

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I would report this as a bug to

Be sure to create a Loom video for them, showing the problem in action.

Were I to find myself in your shoes, second thing that I'd try after logging the question with Airtable support would then be to copy the base, mark the copy as Non-Prod, and then procedurally remove formula and rollup fields to see if base and filter functionality returns upon their removal.

Thank you ScottWorld. Looks like they responded this morning mentioning higher than normal volumes of support inquiries and will get back to me soon.

Thank you for the suggestion; I'll try it out!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have recently noticed that morning times are usually the slowest. Could it be that bandwidth usage is much higher during morning times? The last 2 days seems to be smooth during mornings as well. I'm continuing to separate formulas and linked data to see if it helps going forward. But not noticing much of the same slowdowns/freezes at this time, although no change been done to the original Base.