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7 - App Architect

Thank you in advance!!!

So we are a very small charity and we are trying to track our COVID response in Airtable rather than the millions (only a slight exaggeration) of spreadsheets that we currently have.

I think I know how to do that part which is exciting, where I am really really struggling though is the basic CRM side to stick all of our membership in. Our problem is that our membership form (currently on google forms and sheets) is the family data and then multiple child details on each membership form. I have worked out how to make a form for the membership details but where I am struggling is pulling up a report of the number of children if I use the link data tab I can pull through child number 1 but not the details of the other children - am I missing a trick? We have over 10,000 children registered and I need to be able to pull a report on the number of siblings, the number of children in total, how many are disabled and then be able to break it down into the types of disability with as little manual input as possible as we are putting out hundreds of things a day at the moment (things like food parcels, mental health calls, virtual counselling, zoom calls etc)

Please can any one help

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

If it helps here is the link to the membership form that we have been using

Welcome to the community, @Michelle_King! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Sorry to see that your post hasn’t had any replies yet. I’m not quite sure that I understand the design of your base based on your description above. Could you please describe your current CRM setup in Airtable in greater detail? What are the names of your tables, which fields link them, etc. That would help us hone in on a solution.

If you have all the children records linked to the family record, you can get all their details with rollup fields.

However, if you are storing protected health information, you should also be aware that Airtable is not HIPPA compliant.

At present we haven’t designed one for this - we are very new to using air table as part of our covid response but we really like it so looking at other things we could bring in. Our main problem is that we need to be able to record how many adults and how many children we are supporting and link both the adults and children together so that we know which kiddies belong to which parents record

Thank I will have a play with the roll up field currently it is one which has eluded me - in terms of health information we are UK based it does seem to be GDPR compliant which is what regulates us - am I missing something?

In the USA, HIPPA compliance is more involved than GDPR compliance, and is specifically for protecting private health information. (I didn’t know your location when I first posted, and many Airtable users are in the USA, since it is a USA based company.)

:slightly_smiling_face: thanks because it was a US based company GDPR was one of the first things we checked :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the clarification. I got the impression from your initial post that you had begun building the base already. Because you haven’t, we can work on creating a solid design from the ground up.

I appreciate the form link, but I can see only the first page of your form without filling in the fields, and I don’t want to pollute your data by filling it in with dummy info just to see the later pages, so I can’t see the full setup of your data collection system. I would ask for screenshots, but because your community account is new, I’m not sure that you have permission from the system to attach screenshots yet. If that won’t work, could you give us a quick rundown of the info that you gather from the later pages in the form?

Even without that info, I must admit that I’m not entirely sure how to approach this. I have a very basic (and seldom-used) personal CRM at the moment, and haven’t yet worked with one that needs to be family-centric with the features you’ve described, so I don’t have an immediate solution for your situation. I’ll keep mulling it over, but also welcome input from others who may have ideas on how to pull this off.

Thanks essentially the easiest way to think about it is we are a charity that supports families with disabled children - sometimes we support the parents, sometimes we support the children and need to be able to see really easily who the parents are of every child but because we have over 10,000 kiddies and their parents that we are supporting its a massive task to link everyone individually