Primary Records & Forms: can the primary field be auto-generated?

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4 - Data Explorer

I am hoping to design a form that our hourly staff members can use to submit their hours worked at the end of each pay period.

Is there a way that I can have the necessarily unique primary field be autogenerated, so that all each person does is select their name, and then the pay period from single-selection drop downs, and then enter the total hours worked?

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Yes. Make the primary field a Formula-type field. Taking a stab in the dark, your formula may look like this:

{Pay Period} & ': ' & {Name} & ' (' & {Hours} & ' hours)'

Thank you! Unless I’m missing something, wouldn’t “formula” be a computed field that isn’t an option for primary fields?

Primary fields can most certainly be computed fields. I would argue in a lot of instances it makes more sense to have a computed field for the primary field than a non-computed field.

There are some field types which aren’t allowed for primary fields, but formulas are not one of them.