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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am creating our first database (workspace) and I really need help to design things appropriately. The PRIMARY data we track relates to individual condominiums. The owners of those condominiums change periodically and we need to associate “current” and
former" owners with each unit. We also need to track maintenance items for each of the units.
I want to make certain that I set up “linked” records correctly if that’s the approach I need to take.
Please help if you can. I have already spent an enormous amount of time setting up at workspace on our site called"Pelican Workspace."

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You could create an [Ownership Log] table which as a field for owner name, a link to a condominium, start date, and end date. Then in your [Condos] table you could have a Lookup field pointed at the [Ownership Log] table’s {Name} field and set it to only show records where {End Date} is empty to show the current owner’s name.