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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I need to create a private table in a shared based where only select users can VIEW and EDIT. Is this possible? Any extension that could help do this? 

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Hi @mraze,

It's possible to restrict create/delete record edits in a table to specific users (if you're on a pro or enterprise plan) but not hide it. To do so, click the dropdown next to a table name and then "Edit table permissions"

You can do the same for fields to restrict who can edit specific fields.

To completely hide fields, you'll need to store these in another base with access restricted to yourself/certain users. This base can be synced to your original base to pull in fields you'd want in both places or you can sync a table from your original base to another base and make edits there with Airtable's new 2-way sync (available to Enterprise plans currently).

More info on syncing can be found here:

Hope that helps